• July 15, 2024

Craft: Christmas stars made of paper

Vivi, saleswoman on DaWanda, shows us how to make small poinsettias from recycled material. The best: Most of the crafting material you have at home safely.

You need this:

- pages from various magazines in beautiful colors - your favorite vase - a few branches - beads - a sewing needle - yarn - scissors

That's how it's done:

First, look for a nice sheet of a magazine and fold it as in the pictures. A little tip: different fonts look particularly nice.

Draw a star on the folded sheet and cut it out. Who has a cookie cutter for Zimtsterne at home, can use the wonderful as a template.

Lay out the cut out stars and fold two stars in the middle.

Now you need needle and thread. Put on a pearl. Then you have to sew the two folded stars together like in the picture. At the top then make a knot again and raise a second bead. Done is the first star!

Vivi is an artist, designer and architect. Since her heart beats for the arts, in 2010 she decided to devote herself entirely to design. In her shop LeChatVivi she sells self-created jewelry and trash dolls.

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How to make 3D Paper Stars / Christmas decoration / Diy paper Craft Ideas (July 2024).

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