Cover scars

Maintain scars

Wound care cream with tiger grass and minerals such as copper, zinc, manganese accelerates healing. Scar gels with onion extract, heparin and allantoin inhibit growth and inflammation, bind moisture and have a soothing effect. Also good to prevent bulging, proliferating scars: silicone gels. They keep the fabric moist and form an invisible protective film. Even transparent patches made of a special plastic soften bulging, raised scars and prevent redness.

More tips:

Massage scars

In order to keep the skin supple, it can be massaged once or twice a day for at least three months with scar gel, cream or regenerating skin oil. Do not massage directly at the wound edges, but three centimeters away from the scar - this stimulates the blood flow of the smallest vessels.

Cover scars

With a strongly pigmented masking cream or wipe and waterproof body camouflage you can cover red and bluish discolored scars. For increased scars, you need tact to not exaggerate through the camouflage layer.

That's how it's done:

Masking sunken scars works best with correction make-up, which optically mocks away the scars with reflective pigments. Warm the camouflage paste between your fingertips and gently pat into the skin or work it in with a sponge. Then fix with transparent powder.

D rather not!

Do not use soap when washing - it may irritate the delicate tissue. Better only take skin-neutral washing and shower creams. In addition, avoid extreme heat or cold.

Expert interview: reducing scars

Three questions to Dr. med. Susanne Topf, specialist in dermatology at Dermatologikum Hamburg:

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde: Which laser is best for removing scars?

Dr. Susanne Topf: Very good results z. B. in older acne scars were achieved with the so-called "Fraxel laser". Here, only microscopic skin areas are treated. The healing then comes from the intervening unaffected skin cells.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde: What are the benefits of cushioning injections?

Dr. Susanne Topf: Injections with hyaluronic acid can lead to an improvement. The treatment must be repeated after about six to twelve months. If, on the other hand, you want to remove excess scar tissue, an injection with a corticoid-containing solution can achieve very good results.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde: What are the procedures?

Dr. Susanne Topf: The microdermabrasion is suitable for very superficial skin changes, with chemical peels can be treated even deep skin layers. In addition, there is the cryotherapy, in which the tissue is frozen with liquid nitrogen. Bumpy scars can be prevented with cortisone-containing creams.

How To: Cover / Conceal A Scar (April 2020).

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