• July 12, 2020

Couple wanted to marry in 24 countries? but the crab caught up with her before

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Julian P. Boom and her friend Fleur Pierets had everything planned. The two artists wanted to marry in all 24 countries where same-sex marriages are allowed. They wanted to document their journey online, as a film and a book, and draw attention to the subject of 'marriage for all' as an artistic project. Media around the world celebrated the lesbian couple from the Netherlands for it.

Then came the horror diagnosis.

After only four of the planned weddings, the women now have to cancel everything? because one of the two women apparently suffers from incurable cancer. And that is already so far advanced that the romantic world trip became a nightmare: The couple is stranded in France and struggling with the shock.

Only three months give doctors the 39-year boom. The Dutch woman and her Belgian partner started in New York on 22 September. After Amsterdam, Antwerp and Paris, they were planning their fifth ceremony in Spain. But in early December, Boom suddenly felt sick.

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Wedding 2 - Amsterdam. #lgbtq #marriageequality #gaymarriage #marriage #nederland #amsterdam #queer #fleurandjulian #wedding # 22theproject #feminist #femaleartist #art #artist #performance #performanceart @uber_nl @femkevanhettema

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After a fainting attack, she went to the doctor? who revealed how bad it was about the 39-year-old already. Several tumors had already affected the heart and brain. And the health deteriorated drastically.

Meanwhile, boom is too weak to fly; her partner Pierets is completely desperate. "It is now very fast," says the 44-year-old the English "Mirror". "She has completely lost her memory and can not move her limbs, her brain has simply 'forgotten' that they are there."

The couple had met seven years ago at a party and has been living and working together ever since. "It was love at first sight," says Pierets. "We've been around the clock since then."

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Press. Now: Pre-production wedding 5 -11. Next: Madrid #lgbtq #marriageequality #gaymarriage #queer #fleurandjulian #wedding # 22theproject #feminist #femaleartist #art #artist #performance #performanceart #jfpierets #fleurpierets #julianpboom #gay #press #interview #television #tv #talkshow

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With their marriage project, the women wanted to draw attention to the fact that only in 24 out of 194 countries same-sex marriages are allowed. Their travel plans included Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom the US and Uruguay.

After the cancer diagnosis, Pierets now cares in her mother's house in France for her terminally ill wife. Every time Boom falls asleep, she is afraid she will not wake up, says the 44-year-old. "It's a nerve-racking nightmare."

Nevertheless, she tries to remember positive things: "I was very fortunate to have found a woman whom I wanted to marry 25 times."

Meet Julian P. Boom and Fleur Pierets.

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