"Cool Tiger Strips": This photo is a bold statement!

Almost a year ago, in an interview with a friend what manipulated and taken ...

Posted by Robyn Lawley on Thursday, October 22, 2015

After an interview, a British gossip magazine distorted statements by the Australian model Robyn Lawley to an absurd headline: "Robyn is considering an abortion to avoid stretch marks," it said. An outrage that made Robyn mad. She bears the traces of her pregnancy with pride, after all, they belong to her beloved daughter Rip.

She made an unretouched photo of herself and her stomach, posted it on her Facebook profile, and added the following words:

"I'm used to getting ready"

About a year ago, an interview that had arisen during an open - perhaps too open - conversation with a friend was so heartlessly manipulated and dismembered by a British gossip newspaper that at the age of seven, after losing one of my closest relatives, read: "Robyn is thinking about abortion to avoid stretch marks". I was shocked, not only because I had never said that before, not to mention that I already had a lot of stretch marks, like 90 percent of all women. But reading the whole article while I'm so far in my pregnancy - what should that be?

It hurt a lot, the following comments were at best only derogatory. I'm used to getting ready, once for not having a "thigh gap" (clapping hand to forehead). But attacking something I've never said ... not to mention that my decision to take care of a person's life would never depend solely on my getting stretch marks.

"They're damn cool tiger stripes, I deserve them!"

I think before the article was removed, he had more than 500 very insulting comments, without any support from the publisher or my girlfriend. I wrote to the gossip site author via Twitter that she "had a heart" because it made me very stressed and worried about the health of my unborn baby.

The author was Australian and stated that she did not write it - someone else in England would have been. The article has been deleted. Those gossips do everything to be read - but not even writing under your true name is cowardly.

As far as my stretch marks are concerned, I knew they would come, and as they slowly faded, I thought I'd capture them with a picture. Because these are really cool tiger stripes. And I deserve it!

You're a fighter, you've made a living in yourself, that's not an easy thing!

We spend so much time putting pressure on women to focus so much on their "flaws" that they forget how beautiful they are (you!) Today!

F * ck them, who cares, just be you, be loud, be proud!

And if somebody feels bad about his body, especially about a baby: you're a fighter, you've made a living in you, that's not an easy thing!

Women's rights should not be used so silly and so poorly discussed!

It makes me angry to see how abortion is discussed as a political game and the sexual self-determination of women is misused to vote. I will always vote for the right to abortion. Nobody likes that, but if you're not ready, nobody should judge about having an abortion.

Women's rights should not be used so silly and so poorly discussed.

Right now there are millions of homeless children in America alone - why are not we focusing on them? We often forget the women who have a child because they did not have access to abortion. Because local laws prevented it, and nobody was there for them when they were denied medical care, or when they have to change their careers due to skyrocketing costs, or even become homeless. It's 2015, we urgently need to make women feel that their mind and body give them strength. We should not take away their rights and opportunities!

I love my daughter, but I also love my human rights.

I love you all


A great photo and a great statement: No one should be attacked for stretch marks or other traces of pregnancy. For what else are these traces other than the proof of having brought a wonderful new person into the world?

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Feeling a lot of love guys, Thank you so much for you positive comments it's awesome to read.Love from Rip and I xxx #loveyourbodynow #tigerstripes #regram from my homie @gregchanmanager #flashsobrightimstillblind hahahha # 8monthspostpartum

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