Consultation with Michael Mary: "I run against the wall at work"

"I'm working against the wall in my job": Claudia, 29, is very successful in her job, but has not had any room to maneuver in her company since she was restructured - and thus hardly enjoys work anymore. She rubs herself in an inner struggle and seeks advice from Coach Michael Mary. See the consultation in the video.

Claudia's case is real, the conversation with Michael Mary was reenacted by an actress.

Michael Mary, 57, Paarberater and book author, has the Experienced advice developed a method by which he Involves body, mind and fantasies, But what exactly happens there? How is such a meeting? How does Michael Mary feel about the cause of his client's problem? You can follow all that in the video. The case of Claudia is real, the conversation with Michael Mary was replayed by an actress.

Jim & Dwight Have a Heart to Heart - The Office US (July 2020).

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