• July 12, 2020

Community Account - Annoying or just fair?


For me, the idea of ​​a common account is like the idea of ​​a single blanket: in theory, totally cuddly and romantic, in reality a sweat-inducing stress factor. Of course, it makes sense if you as a couple running costs on a? Neutral? Account works - and that works for many households fantastic. But I'm just bothered by the practice too much - for example, that the joint bank visit is expected by the environment as a matter of course.

I've lost track of how many times I've been shocked since my wedding? was asked. For me, this is a remnant of times when there was only one working family breadwinner anyway - and the family account was automatically standard for all marriages.

Above all, an extra account is annoying extra work with no extra profit - except perhaps total transparency that really both partners make the same contribution to the common life. No thanks - I prefer to give a relationship a reliance on confidence, so that no one else is pulling the other one off. And in case of doubt, you can always compare again and again whether costs have risen somewhere, and one of them suddenly has a real disadvantage. Less administrative act, more trust and communication - sounds to me actually great buzz words for a relationship.


The money and the love? Yeah, not easy. The case with the accounts is really only really complicated when children come into play and take over more childcare than the other. In most cases that's how it is. Now it may be a great, emancipated, and wonderfully hip idea to keep a healthy bucket of independence with separate accounts. Sounds great to me too, no question. In practice, it is in my eyes a farce that raises a lot of questions. If I look after our children together while my husband works, does he have to transfer my childcare allowance? Do I have to pay him off when I got the better-paid job? Do I also pay for my vacation money if he does not get any holiday pay? Or am I flying alone in Bali, while he tans in the tub-Eickel? And then we really have to think about who pays the bill in the restaurant on the wedding day?

Phew! Honestly, I really do not want to deal with all these questions! We have so much confidence in each other that we have a home together, sharing children and living together. Do I need separate accounts? At least not me! For me, love for money does not stop. Whether this is my romantic idea? times can make problems? Certainly! But if you make the common account good for both, this risk is really limited. Yes, maybe the shared account is like a cuddly giant blanket for two. But even if you sweat under it sometimes, I feel perfectly comfortable under this blanket. Especially because you think much less about money and apples (childcare, part-time, wage differences) does not have to charge with pears (Monetons).

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