Cleaning the laminate: These tips will help you to get rid of streaks

Cleaning the laminate: How is the banding process?

  • Before the floor should be Dust and loose dirt are eliminated, only then can we wipe the floor. Otherwise, the dirt mixed with the mop water and streaks arise. What you also should avoid while wiping, you can find out here: Error while wiping.
  • Even too wet wiping can lead to streaks or even stains on the laminate. Therefore, the laminate should only damp be wiped. If the stains already exist, we have here the best tips to remove water stains.
  • For stubborn stains on the laminate floor, it does not help if we add more detergent to the water. We should only use that in moderation. AOverdose of cleanersleads much more to banding.

Cleaning the laminate: This is how the cleaning works

If we brush regularly, often enough clear water for cleaning of the laminate. The plastic surface is very strong and there are no deep joints or grooves. Therefore, the flooring is very easy to clean.

  1. Before we take the floor wiper to hand and start with the wet cleaning, the should coarse dirt, hair and lint with a dry wipe, a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner with brush attachmentremove become. As with the parquet clean, we should take care hereby that no scratches occur.
  2. In a cleaning bucket we can then lukewarm waterfill, in which we one Microfibre floor wiper dip. It is important that we wring out the cloth vigorously and it is no longer wet, but only damp.
  3. Then we can wipe the laminate floor and should now and then Change the wiping waterso we do not spread the dirt.
  4. In the end, the laminate floor should be be dried with a fresh wipe.

Clean Laminate: Get rid of stubborn dirt

As with all stains, the same applies to laminate flooring: the faster we act, the easier it is to remove the stain. Extremely polluted soils should we Never treat with scouring cream, bleach or brushes, Also from one steam cleaners we should keep our hands off as the laminate floor could swell up due to the moisture.

For sticky stains helps Essigessenz, which we can apply with a microfiber cloth on the appropriate place. If it is already persistent incrustations, you can Ceranfeldschaber Remedy. Here we should carefully remove the dirt. aEraser we can pick up color stripes.

Laminate cleaning: the best home remedies

We are happy to let the fingers of chemical clubs such as laminate cleaners, as they are harmful to the environment and health. We prefer tried-and-tested home remedies, which save us money on top of that.

Laminate Floor Cleaning & Care Tips! (Clean My Space) (August 2020).

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