Clean the raclette? You should pay attention to that

Such a long, cozy raclette meal has become a tradition for many families or groups of friends during the holidays. However, the apartment still smells of fat for days and for many, cleaning is a horror. Here are some tips on how to clean your raclette.

Clean the raclette: it depends on the appliance

There is a fundamental difference between raclette equipment, which lies with the grill plates:

  • There are devices with natural grilling stone and
  • There are those that have a grill plate with non-stick coating.

The respective grill plates can be cleaned in different ways:

Clean natural grill stone

Soft on Do not drop the stone plate or put it in the dishwasher, The stone is soaking up water. Due to an excessively high water supply, the natural grilling stone eventually becomes porous and unusable. Discolouration of the stone is normal through use. You do not need to laboriously scrub them away or, in the worst case, scrape them off. Pointy or sharp objects can also damage the stone. Mostly enough a damp sponge and a little detergentto remove encrustations on the grill plate. Then dry the natural grilling stone well.

Clean grill plate with Teflon coating

Non-stick coatings, e.g. made of Teflon, must never be worked with sharp objects. Even the rough side of rinsing sponges or steel wool will scratch and damage the Teflon coating. Greater residues and burned-in can be done carefully with the wooden spatula, with which one otherwise empties the pans, remove from the grill. The grill plate can be removed and can, in some models, in the dishwasher, Otherwise, you can soak them and the Dirt with a soft sponge and detergent wipe off again. Allow the unit to cool completely before cleaning.

The part of the grill through which the heating hoses run should not be cleaned with water. At the point, the pollution is usually limited. An easy Grease solvent spray can help here. If something has come on the clothes, look here: remove grease stains.

Clean the raclette: Clean the pancakes of the raclette

The pans, the heart of every raclette grill, carry the most incrustations. Here are culinary wonders created and sometimes forgotten, so that the cheese burns really nice. The pans are very easy to clean:

  1. Remove encrustations first with the wooden spatula.
  2. It is best to soak the pans half a full hour in hot water.
  3. If the dirt is very strong, add some detergent.
  4. After soaking it is enough to remove the remaining dirt with a soft sponge. The pans of the raclette usually have a Teflon coating, so you should rather not go with a dish brush or the rough side of a rinse sponge.

Before each use, the raclette grill should be completely clean in any case. Residues and burnt-in items that have not been removed are not only unhygienic, but can also burn into the material and render the appliance unusable. It is best, the device clean immediately after use, So the residues can not settle and the cleaning is easier.

Since such a grill is not often used, but only on special occasions, stow it best in the original packaging. So you do not have to laboriously collect all pans before the next use and the device is protected from dust.

You ask yourself: What do I need for raclette? The best recipes are here: raclette? You can also prepare raclette vegan. Also delicious: Raclette-Kitchens.

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