Claudia Striffler: "Success also works part-time"

Claudia Striffler: Head of Marketing Communication

Claudia Striffler, 45, Head of Marketing Communications at cable manufacturer U.I. Lapp

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"When my son was born in 2011, my ideal working model was already clear to me: I did not want to give up my leadership job - I was head of marketing communications at that time and had a team of eleven employees - and at the same time I had enough time My employer then offered me a part-time job and let me have a free hand in deciding when and how much I work, starting at 60 percent when my son was seven months old This was only because we had a place in a private day care center with childcare until 6.30 pm You do not always have to leave the child there for so long, but at least it is possible such opening times are still rare in Germany. "

Flexible working hours for managers

"By now, my son is in school, and I've increased to 80 percent, one day a week, I'm home, and I've tried to be in the office every day, but shorter, for me that did not work I felt that neither my child nor my job was right, and my conscience was always on the back of my neck.For a part-time executive, flexibility is the most important thing.It goes in both directions: I talk to partners abroad at night, but I also take it the freedom to go to the doctor's with my son in the mornings, to nail people from 8 to 5 pm to work is simply out of date. "

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