Christmas time: with these apps for a Merry Christmas

As nice as the party is often, the pre-Christmas period can be so annoying and stressful. These apps are little helpers that can handle unnecessary stress and get ready for the stade time.

Do not forget gifts!

For all organizational matters, note apps like "Evernote" (iOS / Android) help. Whether it's the grocery shopping list, notes about gifts for family and friends, or travel planning for the Christmas holiday. There are even appropriate note templates that make it easier. If you really only want to keep an eye on everything about gifts, you could alternatively use apps like "Santa's Bag" (iOS) or the "Christmas Gift List" (Android).

Exceptional under the Christmas tree

Even if that is hard to imagine: Who on Amazon and Co. (Android / iOS) will not find it, may need the help of "Fancy" (Android / iOS), when it comes to the Christmas gifts. In the app there are all sorts of unusual gift ideas, including for example a 3D luxury version of the board game "Cluedo", euro-pallet-style glass coasters, a travel cot for dogs, vintage boxing gloves and much more.

From roast goose to gingerbread

All sorts of food for thought in planning the feast on Christmas Eve is provided by "KptnCook" (iOS / Android). The free app is about good food and works with dozens of food bloggers who share their best recipes with users. Although there are also ideas for sweet tooth, but who is only looking for gingerbread & Co., which is better served, for example, with apps such as "Christmas Cookies" (iOS / Android).

When the smartphone plays "Jingle Bells"

For example, "Christmas Ringtones 2018" (Android) provides the right Christmas spirit. The app brings ringtones of many well-known Christmas carols to your smartphone for free, including "Jingle Bells" and "Drummer Boy". The users are excited. With over one million downloads, the app has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 possible stars.

This is how you become a Christmas elf

Family and friends - or yourself - transform users into a Christmas Elf with "ElfYourself" (Android / iOS). If you want, you can have up to five people dancing in the elf costume on the smartphone display at the same time. The finished clips can also be easily shared with Facebook, YouTube and Co. with the world.

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