Christmas-Fail: That's what Christmas REALLY looks like

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The baby dream:

A sweet-sweet baby, who sleeps peacefully, just like the Christkindlein ...


NO, do not tear down the balls! "

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The decoration dream:

A house that is invitingly glittering and sparkling, full of warmth and hospitality ...


Who was it? No idea. A hurricane? Or Aunt Berta, after she stormed out of the house angrily?

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Santa what hittin that egg nog a little hard # drunksanta #christmasfail

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The Gift Dream:

"Wrapping is a promise" is the name of the game - and there's a lot of love and the spirit of Christmas in the packaging of the gifts as well ...


"My father hates packing presents, so he just ..."

My dad hates wrapping presents so he just

? zoe wicks (@zoewicks) December 25, 2014 © Shutterstock / Syda Productions

The Santa Claus dream:

Hohoho, come in you good, comfortable, dear man ...


"Mamaaa, he said he's coming out of the dark forest! Helpee!"

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The angel dream:

What a lovely sight, this little angel in the light of the candles ... "


Um. Is it just our imagination or does the angel somehow look ... dirty?

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The Crib Dream:

Handcarved and lovingly constructed, it reminds us of the reason for the feast of love ...


Sheep, donkey, ox ... DOG!

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Ve! Se entró una chanda de la calle and se me acostó en el pesebre! #pesebre #chanda #perro #dos #doggy #sleepingdog #christmasfail #whatever

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The Cookie Dream:

Colorful and sweet smelling, we get them out of the oven ..


Well, the main thing, it tastes good.

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We tried. Hahahahahahaha #christmasfails

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The culture dream:

And then we treat ourselves to something and visit all together a really great Christmas play ...


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When you're at one of the coolest musical halls in the world and Santa comes on stage

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