Christine lost almost 70 kilos - but her boyfriend wanted her to stay fat

Sixteen months ago, Christine Carter, residing in Dallas, weighed just under 125 kilos with a height of 1.65 meters. Your friend at the time wanted it like that? not because he was an overweight woman, but because he was pathologically jealous. Talking to the Daily Mail, the 28-year-old tells her personal weight loss story.

Reasons for the increase

"There are some reasons for my weight gain," says Christine Carter, enumerating two things: "I stopped smoking and replaced smoking with food, and I was in an unhappy relationship." Her boyfriend at the time was constantly checking her: "He told me what to wear and I think he wanted me to be fat so I did not leave him." She ate all day, sometimes at night. She indiscriminately stuffed carbohydrates and sweets into her. "At some point I felt that I did not deserve better." First she was happy and fat, at some point only had been fat.

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Throwing it back about two years - 150 pounds or so ago. This day was my rock bottom. I have a family reunion, and want to say hi to my uncle who I have not seen in years. He walked my way and I went to say hello-he made eye contact and kept walking. He did not recognize me. I literally had to be myself to an unrecognizable state. This is a turning point for me. It's the first day of the rest of my life. Yay for #throwbackthursday

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Measures against obesity

When she was barely able to climb stairs and had to take around ten different drugs for her overweight, she decided to lose weight. Several diets were unsuccessful. In August 2014, a stomach reduction followed, so that they could take only small amounts. An operation that poses some dangers and is the last resort for overweight people.

Thanks to stomach surgery, healthy diet and exercise, Christine has lost several pounds within a few months. Already in December 2015, she had reached her ideal weight: 57 kilograms. In the course of this, she let her stomach tighten and enlarge her breasts - and of course remove the excess skin.

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Haha Well the pic on the right does not just sum up my mood for the day! Happy #transformationtuesday! I've been officially training at my gym for about two weeks now-so far so good. It has been struggles but I've been up for four workouts a week. I was really nervous that I did not commit without the accountability of a trainer. I think I'm successful in. I was thinking about making a youtube video this week-what topic do you want to talk about?

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Success story on Instagram

In order to encourage others to lose weight, Christine Carter documents her personal transformation to the slender, self-confident woman. See what the young Texan's formula for success is and what she eats today, on her Instagram account. Speaking to the Daily Mail, she says, "I do not think weight loss has changed, it's the weight gain." As the pounds then tumbled, she became the hard-working woman she had always been.

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It's #throwbackthursday! I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I'm Christine, and I've been on this journey for 150 pounds and gain my life and happiness back. I like to keep it real with y'all, so here goes nothing ... In August of 2014 I had the gastric sleeve surgery. I initially lost about 50 pounds, but had not changed my mindset, and I was not working out. Weight slowly started to creep back on. I felt like I had failed myself. Determined not to quit, I joined a gym-the Hero Training Center and found a trainer who helped me get my head in the game. In 7 months of sticking to a meal plan, working out 5 days a week, and getting it necessary --- I lost 80 extra pounds. I was finally able to use the sleeve as a tool that was intended to be. Losing all that weight left some skin behind. I worked hard, saved all I could and was so happy to be able to have a tummy and breast lift with implants in November of last year. I lost the additional 20 pounds after this surgery. Some may look at my journey and think I did not put in work. People are allowed to have their opinions. I know the blood, sweat, and tears that were required on THIS journey. No matter where you are on your journey ... please do not stop here. Keep going. Keep pushing. Life's the life you've always dreamed of ... it's closer than you think.

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New dress <3 I am addicted to dresses! For so many years, I felt so uncomfortable in them. Now? I literally want all of the dresses. TGIF!

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