Child 44: This real case is behind it

Tom Hardy (40), Noomi Rapace (38) and Gary Oldman (59) are on ZDF this Monday. "Kind 44" (22:15 clock) is the name of the thriller, which plays in the Soviet Union in 1953: The body of a little boy is found, everything points to murder. But in the Soviet Union of the Stalin era there are no official crimes. The murder is declared an accident. As the next murder happens, intelligence officer Leo Demidov investigates on his own, leaving him and his family in mortal danger. Template for the story is the eponymous bestseller by Tom Rob Smith from 2008.

The book behind the film

The British author has presented "Kind 44" as a prelude to a trilogy to the intelligence agent Leo Demidow. Smith was inspired by the case of serial killer Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo, who fell victim to over 50 people between 1978 and 1990, including many children. In 1994 Chikatilo, the so-called "Ripper of Rostov", was executed.

Smith transposes the plot of his book into the era of Stalinism, in which there were officially no crimes or serial killers. Leo, banished and demoted to the provinces by his wife, is forced to secretly investigate the murders in "Child 44" - and thus puts himself in the greatest danger.

That's how the book arrived

The novel was translated into 36 languages ​​and was nominated for 17 international awards, of which he won seven. Also in Germany conquered "child 44" after appearance the upper ranks of the bestseller list. The "New York Times" called the work a "brilliantly staged, highly charged story," the "Sunday Telegraph" called it a "memorable debut," in which "the atmosphere of paranoia and crippling fear is brilliantly portrayed."

For the "Guardian" it is an "exciting story" whose characters and dialogues are not developed far enough. For all the fans of his book, Smith has nevertheless written the two successors "Kolyma" and "Agent 6", in which Leo Demidow also plays the lead role.

The film

In spring 2015, the film adaptation of the novel directed by Daniél Espinosa (40) was released. In Russia, the film was not shown. Despite the respected lead actors, the streak could not attract enough viewers to become a hit. Whether "Kind 44" works on German TV will be shown on Monday evening ...

Child 44 Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman Movie HD (July 2020).

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