• March 27, 2023

"Cheese Challenge": parents throw cheese at children's face? is the mistreatment?

GOSSIP! Zack, the baby has a cheese slice in her face. The cheese has often thrown the father or mother of the child. Afterwards, the video wanders into the net. The hashtag for the completely stupid action: #CheeseChallenge, in German about "cheese contest".

Sounds totally crazy, it is, but it is obviously very many parents funny.

It all began with a first cheese-throwing video by Twitter user @unclehxlmes, whose video was downloaded millions of times within a few hours. Meanwhile, the Twitterer himself has already pulled the ripcord and stated in a statement that he never expected that the video could get so much attention. He spoke to the child's mother and apologized.

No one is safe from the cheese slices

But the "cheese challenge" has already spread. Videos circulate around the net, showing babies and toddlers slapping cheese slices in the face. Meanwhile, it also increasingly affects colleagues, friends or wives ...

Cheesed challenge #cheesedchallenge #cheesechallenge pic.twitter.com/97EJrzkZmd

? JohnnyBiceps (@JohnnyBiceps) March 4, 2019

And even cats and dogs are no longer safe from the cheesy throwing attacks ...

The cheese challenge cat edition

Cheese Challenge (March 2023).

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