Charlotte Würdig: The presenter confirms her beauty intervention

Shortly before the turn of the year 2018, host Charlotte Würdig (40) had provided her fans with an Instagram post for discussions. In the picture on which the 40-year-old advertised a wrinkle-free décolleté, her face looked artificial and masklike. Numerous fans speculated on Botox or a lift. In an interview with RTL, Würdig has now admitted that he actually assisted artificially.

"Yes, I had something done - and by that I mean not just water and soap on my face," says Würdig in a video interview. She had not cut anything, but she had optimized her face with hyaluronic acid. However, she does not understand the excitement about this intervention. She also said, "We have to stop pretending that our faces are smooth because we drink three liters of organic water and eat broccoli."


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