Charlize Theron: The real reason why she does not play in "Wonder Woman"

In the show "Watch What Happens Live", Charlize Theron (43, "Atomic Blonde") commented on the rumor that she had rejected the role of the "Wonder Woman". "This is a great example of how Hollywood penalizes you when you start aging," Theron introduced her response, which turned out to be different than expected. Literally she said, "It hits you in the face!"

"Someone said to me, 'There is just some movement in' Wonder Woman 'just that you know ...' And I said that I did not know that very well, I mean, what is 'Wonder Woman' actually doing "And the person said: No, it's about her mother." Nobody expected this statement in the studio to hear how the audience reacted. Theron lashed out, "It's okay, but it was the moment I realized that I had crossed the line, and I was not so aware of that before."

The main role was played by the 34-year-old Gal Gadot ("Justice League"), the role of mother Hippolyta went to the 53-year-old Connie Nielsen ("Gladiator").

Charlize Theron Passed On 'Wonder Woman' Role (April 2023).

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