Celebrity Big Brother: Games start on August 17th

It's that time again in mid-August! As the broadcaster Sat.1 has announced on Thursday, Jochen Schropp (39) and Marlene Lufen (47) will be presenting live the new season "Celebrity Big Brother" on 17 August (20:15, Sat.1). The new prominent residents of the "Big Brother" container, about which nothing is yet known, have to face the well-tried rules of the game. For two weeks, the stars live under constant camera observation - 24 hours a day.

For the first time "Sat.1 Frühstücksfersehen", Marlene Lufen, is the moderator of Jochen Schropp. In the two weeks, the duo will be reporting live every night (daily, 10:15 pm and Fridays, 8:15 pm) from the "Celebrity Big Brother" area in Cologne. They lead through the daily summaries and the live duels of the sixth season and analyze the latest developments in Germany's most prominent residential community.

"The beauty of 'Celebrity Big Brother' is that the residents - although they know they're being filmed - can not help but drop their masks, some even drop their covers, which can be quite interesting I've watched every season, 'Celebrity Big Brother', so come together now, which has always belonged together, "says Lufen, looking forward to her new role.

Big Brother - Continuation Of The HoH Competition (July 2020).

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