Can you leave water in the kettle (and use later)?

Just pour away or boil again next time and then use? As the SGS Institute Fresenius has found out, 53 percent of all Germans tilt the water from the previous day and use it no further.

In our bfriends forum, the question of whether to let the water in the kettle has been discussed again and again for a long time. That's why we went in search of an answer.

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But, real: THAT is the subject under the oven there!

Is it allowed to use old water from the kettle?

The simple answer is: Yes, According to the Fresenius Institute, it is no problem to boil the water again the next day and to use it for another cup of tea. The concern, harmful substances such as nickel and bisphenol A, could escape from the device and get into the water, was unfounded ? if the devices that GS-seal for tested safety carry.

You do not need to be afraid of bacteria either. Because even if germs accumulate in the device, they would be killed by re-boiling.

Does it not harm the water to store overnight in the kettle?

No, you do not have to worry about that here. In 2015, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) conducted a study on metals in food processors and found that only minimal amounts of metal were released, far below the limits.

For example, kettles cut far better than coffee machines. Here, especially after decalcification caution is advised: Then they often release lead. This was not the case with the kettles tested.

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By the way: If you leave the water regularly in the kettle, you have to Decalcify the appliance more oftenso it does not break.

And what if I just do not like the water?

It is not always the concern for health when the water is dumped from the day before. Some people simply do not like the taste of stale water and find it tastes "brackish". Of course you do not have to use it and you can exchange it for fresh water. However, the Fresenius Institute says: "The fear of stale cooking water is a relic from the time of the immersion heater and teapot."

We think: This is ultimately a matter of taste - and must be decided by everyone. But it is certain that it not unhealthy or even dangerous is to leave the water in the kettle and use later.

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