"Cake pops are eye-catchers at every party"

The inventor of cake pops: Angie Dudley, aka "Bakerella".

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: You are considered the inventor of cake pops. How did it all start?

Angie Dudley: I made the first cake pops in early 2008: pink cake pops and cupcake pops. When I posted them on my blog "Bakerella.com", people were immediately fascinated. The Idea "Cake on a Stick" spread on the internet, I was invited to the Martha Stewart Show to show how to make cake pops - and they've just become more popular ever since!

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Cake pops are such an obvious idea - and yet they inspire people. I wonder why?

Angie Dudley: The idea of ​​a glazed cake ball is intriguing to anyone who has never seen or tried such a thing. But now there are not only cake balls, but endless design ideas! This makes cake pops an eye-catcher at every party and every meeting they bring with them. And because they are so small, they are perfect as finger food!

Cake Pops: Recipes and tips from the ChroniquesDuVasteMonde cuisine

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: But for most of your fans, cake pops might be a sweet idea - way too much to do for yourself ...

Angie Dudley: On the contrary - a lot of people do it themselves! People just love it - it's fun and you can let off steam creatively. I keep getting mails from fans who want to show me their cake pops. Have a look at the "Pop Stars" section on my website. You'll be surprised how many pics of other cake pop-ups there are.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What do you recommend for beginners who want to get started on cake pops for the first time?

Angie Dudley: Simple but effective: a round cake pop with pretty sprinkles - you can color them to any occasion. You can also divide up the work: Bake the cake the night before - and take care of the next day for diving and decorating.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Where do you get the ideas for your cake pops?

Angie Dudley: I love to play around and come up with cute treats! I let myself be inspired by everything around me: sweets, samples or even travel. I still have countless ideas for new cake pops on paper.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Speaking of new ideas: Have you ever thought about savory cake pops?

Angie Dudley: My blog is all about sweets - so I stick to cake. Otherwise, I would certainly try something hearty on a stick!

Making cake pops yourself - here's everything you need

www.kdtorten.de: KDTorten.de has a huge range of baking accessories and dedicates a separate category to the cake pop trend. There you will find not only the usual but also baking flavors, fun cake pop packaging and funky decoration like edible eyeballs. KDTorten.de also offers cake-pop classes, where participants learn to make the cake on their own.

www.tortissimo.de: At Tortissimo.de, the pastry cutters for the cake pops can be ordered in handbag, shoe and dress form (click on ChroniquesDuVasteMonde cooperation). And not only that: there are also food coloring, deco sugar in all colors, original Ausstech forms and many other baking accessories available.

www.meincupcake.de: From "Candy Melts" to Lollipop Sticks - Meincupcake.de has a comprehensive selection of Cake Pops and Cupcakes. With the cake pop bakeware from heart to star creative ideas can be realized. Simply sweet!

www.cake-pops.de: "Candy-Melts" in all colors of the rainbow, glitter, sugar confetti and many other decorative items - at Cake-Pops.de Cake-Popperinnen will find everything they need for decoration. Practical: the Cake Pops Maker, in which you can bake twelve cake balls at once! There are also lots of information and photos about cake pops.

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