But no divorce: happy ending at the Wulffs

But all right again? According to information of the colorful Christian and Bettina Wulff are again a couple, the divorce already filed is obsolete.

The information comes from inside circles from the "environment of the couple". Christian Wulff is soon to move in again with his wife and children, according to the confidential information.

Who knows so well about the Wulffs?

Who is this "well-informed source"? Perhaps the couple's Hanoverian regulars, who allegedly always loyally delivered the bread to Berlin? A new leak from Edward Snowden? The answering machine of the BILD editors? Maybe we will never know.

The network is happy

Anyway, the message is a celebration for fans and enemies of the Wulffs, who now congratulate on Twitter or are looking forward to new material for Wulff jokes:

The whole story is a bit strange and opaque. But if a family manages to get such a serious crisis over it, that's ironic or not, just good news.

Therefore: Cautious congratulations to family Wulff - maybe everything will be fine!

Update: The lawyer Christian Wulffs has now confirmed that the couple lives together again.

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