Breast Cancer Action: This statement shirt tells the truth

Breast cancer month of October

This October, too, will focus on breast cancer and prevention. Not only the pink silk bow is meant to remind us that we finally get our butt and get us to the doctor, but also fashion labels call us the subject - fortunately - again and again in the consciousness. Likewise the Paris label ba & sh, which makes a thought-provoking T-shirt and advocates for the prevention, research and treatment of breast cancer.

Shirt honors strong women

On the shirt in thick letters entwines the word? True.? The creators, Sharon and Barbara, want to honor free, strong women whose personality was not reduced by the tests of the disease, but was strengthened. The proceeds of the shirts will benefit the French community against breast cancer "Le cancer du sein, parion en!".

We are happy and proud that we have been able to support the organization for several years. This disease touches us, and making one of our products a figurehead for the organization's beautiful goal is self-evident for us,

so the two designers. The cool shirts will be available from the 4th of October on the website of ba & sh. Strong thing!

Breast Cancer Ad Focuses on Sexuality, Not the Cause (March 2023).