• June 12, 2021

Brave or stupid? This vlogger completely shaves her hair

Actually, we girls hang on our long hair and we can often separate the hairdresser with a heavy heart only a few inches from them. But Youtuberin Melina Sophie is completely pain-free: She has completely shaved her shoulder-length hair in a video on her channel!

"I do not want to hide under my hair anymore"

Before Melina starts shaving, she explains why she is shaving her hair. Because she is of the opinion that no one should hide under his hair and the true beauty comes from the inside: "Hair does not define your personality, even without hair on the head you remain the same person. ; so the vlogger.

Of course she is right. The fact that she has to shave off her entire head with it, we find quite drastic, but also consistent. Make yourself an opinion and look at the video, which has already received 1.3 million views, to:

What do you say to the step to completely shave your hair? Do you find the action of Melina brave or stupid?

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