Borrow is the new buy! Even with children's clothes ...

At the hardware store, they have known it for a long time. Not everyone has a demolition hammer, shredder, socket welder or frame spreader in the tool cabinet ", you can read there directly behind the cash register. In fact, this rule does not only apply to shredders and socket welding equipment. But also for costumes of a special kind, Mercedes Sprinter or router Telekom. There are simply things that you only need for a short time.

Why spend a lot of money on something that you only need three times anyway?

Of course, we do not want to demonize shopping, but in times when sustainability is a top priority, that's no longer possible without any thought of manufacturing conditions. Shops such as clothing are therefore not only useful, but above all totally contemporary. Why spend a lot of money and own something forever that you only need two, three or even five times anyway?

Babies grow faster than the body dries

This is especially clear to parents of very young children. They grow faster than the body is washed and dried. Tchibo has thought that too well. For this reason, mothers and fathers have been able to rent clothes for their offspring at since the end of January. This should not only save time, money and space, but also conserve resources. The idea is really sustainable? and it shows children from the very beginning how it goes with environmental protection.

Mother can't afford to give her son a promised toy reward | What Would You Do (June 2021).