Boris Becker: First TV interview after the separation from Lilly

In the first episode of "Endlich Feierabend" in Sat.1, Boris Becker (50) spoke openly about the time after his breakup with Lilly (42). Although he confirmed in the presenter couple Annett Möller (40) and Daniel Boschmann (37), already "better times" have experienced. But he also asserted that "not everything should be taken at face value", "what one reads like this." He meant above all reports, between the former couple dominate ice age. "I even think that my wife and my son are sitting on the sofa at home and watching, so here: Greetings from Berlin!"

He was also sure that you will find a good solution for all concerned. He has finally experience: "I am almost a pioneer of the patchwork family.With my ex-wife Barbara, we have done well, if we just hold both together and realize both, it is about the welfare of the child, which is in the case also We both have the Amadeus and there has to be a solution. "

Boris becker: why his beautiful mixed raced wife left him? (June 2021).

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