• June 13, 2021

Blonde Hair: Tips and Hairstyles for a Radiant Blonde

In this article you expect:

  • Naturally lighten blonde hair
  • Blonde highlights - set highlights
  • Olaplex for blond hair
  • Trend colors Ombré and Balayage
  • Tips for a radiant blond
  • Tips for dark haired people who would like to get blond
  • Tips for gray-haired people who would like to get blond
  • Blond tips for all hair colors
  • Too yellow? So you reduce the yellowness
  • Hairstyles for blond hair
  • Care for blondes - care tips from the professional
  • Stars with blond hair

All lovely blonde hair!

Blonde is glamorous, bright, exciting - like a radiant light that attracts everyone's attention. It was not for nothing that the actress Norma Jean Baker bleached her brunette curls in platinum before becoming famous in 1946 under the stage name Marilyn Monroe. To this day, many women give in to it. And 70 percent of all blondes still want to be a tad brighter.

How nice: The cosmetics industry has developed many new, type-appropriate ways to dazzle easier and more durable. An overview of the blonde hair color and how to make it even more blonde.

Brighten the blond naturally

If you want to get even more blonde, you can use shampoos and conditioners, which light up blonde hair very gently. With a mixture of lactic acid, chamomile and lemon extracts, they change the color of each application so minimal that one need not be afraid to attack the sound and suddenly to be light blond.

After about four applications a difference is recognizable, altogether it can be achieved a whitening of at least two nuances. But: A natural Dark Blonde is a big trend this year.

Brighten blond by two shades

If you want a slightly faster change, the hairdresser can apply an ammonia-free color that brightens blond hair by one to 2.5 shades and it also does not attack as much as a conventional bleaching. Also new are bleaching products for the home, which gently brighten up to four shades with a special calcium complex.

Blonde highlights - set highlights

If you are staining for several shades, you should rather dye streaks, otherwise you will quickly get annoyed with a full color. For long hair, gentler shades in golden blond are recommended, and those who also like different shades from light blond to caramel.

Straight dark blond hair is faced with the choice: Should it be interesting color plays in warm light brown shades or light blond strands? In the summer we tend to brighter shades, this season are highlights in the freehand brush Balayage, the Sombre-Look (Soft Ombré) or Babylights (extremely fine Blondsträhnchen). In the fall we tend to Bronde again? a mixture with brown nuances.

Short hair can also tolerate a very blatant blond. 2018 super announced: Aschblond!

In addition, there are sets of highlights, with which you can set even bright highlights. But beware: These often have such a strong blonding effect that they can lighten the hair by up to five nuances. To avoid slipping, one tests home products only on a hidden strand. When applying make sure to draw very fine highlights. For a real platinum blonde à la Madonna you should go to the experienced hairdresser anyway.

Olaplex for blond hair

Who dyes his hair, it also stresses it. And those who do not want to shy away from coloration strains have carefully followed the headlines with a new product called Olaplex, which promises to permanently repair their hair during and after chemical processes. From dark brown to platinum blonde, without damaging the structure.

And that is how it works: The interior of our hair is made up of millions of disulfide bridges that can be thought of as tiny ladders. If damaged, the rungs of the ladders break. Olaplex contains a molecule called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, which is able to permanently rebuild these bridges.
It's so fast at the barber: The odorless "No 1" is added to the hair with the color, the fragrant after fruit gum "No 2" comes after rinsing, but before shampooing for at least ten minutes. This completes the Olaplex treatment. Not every hairdresser offers Olaplex, but the manufacturer's website lists the salons.

Trend 2017: Ombré and Balayage

Even with blond tones, new trends prevail, just like haircut, every season.For example, Ombré and Balayage have long been offered as a gentle lightening on the hair as an alternative to the classic strands. Soft color gradients, which are not just a complete change of type and look so natural and casual, are very popular on the catwalk and on the streets.

The good news? Almost everyone has Ombré - provided you have a basic length (from shoulder length) and no Kurzhaarfrisur. In Ombré, as well as Balayage, (there only gentle incorporated) a natural blond shade (usually a golden blond) is incorporated with a brush in the lower third of the hair. The course in the hair works naturally.

Tip: Prefer to let the professional do it, because he can analyze the hair color exactly and see how dark the approach and how bright the tips should be. In the meantime, the sounds in Strawberry Blond are also heavy. The light pink pigmentation makes the hair look alive. If the clay in the hair should be fast bland, helps a gloss, which is incorporated as a cure in the hair and should be washed out after a short exposure time. That gives back a lot of shine.

Tips for blondes who want to shine more

For 78 percent of women bleaching the right shade is the biggest problem. Even if blondes wear a radiant blond on their heads immediately after the hairdresser's visit, the hair color appears to be dull, yellowish or darker after only a few weeks. This is mainly due to pigments that deposit on any hair, but are particularly well visible on the light ground.

To remedy this, skin care products that neutralize yellowish purple pigments (such as "Lifetex Color Reflex Shampoo Blonde and Gray Hair Shine Reflections" from Wella Professionals or "Color Glossy Blonde Refreshing Cure" from Guhl). Or you protect the hair with UV filters and antioxidants from fading (such as "brilliant blonde" from Nivea Hair Care).

Especially for blonde highlights are products (such as "Blond Care Highlights" by Garnier Fructis) suitable, whose nourishing agents attach to the bleached batches. Who wants to give his blond a warmer or cooler shade, can also refine it with an intensive tint (eg "Color Touch" by Wella Professionals).

When blond hair is softened by the hairdresser, it also has a radiant effect, as it blows from the roots to the tips, so that the cuticle settles and the light reflects better. Some shampoos and conditioners (such as "Color Renew" by John Frieda) try to mimic the effect with tiny particles that settle on the hair and reflect the light. Glittering glamor styling products (such as "Ice Shine Hold & Shine Hairspray" by Pantene Pro-V), which are applied delicately through hair and hair color, also bring that glamor.

Tips for dark haired people who want to get blonde

Anyone who has had dark blond hair and wants to dye blond should choose exactly the right shade for their own complexion. While a cool undertone looks great to a reddish complexion and blue eyes, warm reflexes look most beautiful to yellowish skin and brown eyes.

A good clue is also the eye white: In a light yellow shimmer better to reach goldstichigen blondes such as a honey blond. If it is bright white, cool nuances fit. If you're unsure, just hold one piece of gold and silver foil next to your face and see which of them makes it shine more. So, there's nothing standing in the way of bleached hair.

Tips for gray-haired people who want to get blonde

If the hair is already white, you can slip blonde color into it with a coloring - with gray hair, on the other hand, the remaining pigments must first be removed. Both require a little tact, so go to the hairdresser in any case! He can also use special products that strengthen mature hair and make it look smoother.

Blond tips for all hair colors

Multi-colored strands have the advantage that the regrowing approach is not so noticeable. Who wants to bleach his hair completely, should use several nuances - otherwise the result appears quickly artificial and helly.

Who wants to dye his hair platinum blonde, should also vote for his make-up: instead of gaudy-red lipstick now prefer to touch delicate rose tones - but in any case emphasize the eyes, for example, the upper and lower eyelashes with dark gray or black eyeshadow, in addition blow the eyelashes vigorously. Even when re-coloring go to the haircut: He manages to edit only the approaches and so spare the lengths, without the transitions seem piebald.

Are the blond hair too yellow? So you reduce the yellowness

Did the blonde turn yellow when dyeing? Silver shampoo and conditioner may help to reduce the yellowness a little. In the process, tiny, purple pigments settle on the hair color and visually balance out the yellow. Use two or three times a week.

Hairstyles for blond hair

Why should a blonde wear a different haircut than a redhead or brunette? She does not have to. We want to show you the best hairstyle for your hair structure. Because that differs significantly in blond hair from those of other hair colors.

Blonde hair is usually finer, but blondes have more of it on their head. The right haircut manages to give even fine blond hair volume. Who has blonde curls, gives them the right swing with a step cut. And if you want to color the color of the Ombré Hair into your long hair, this hair color game is best done with gentle steps or a long bob. Our trend hairstyles will really make your blond shine.

We have great hairstyles for blonde hair

Cuts and styling: hairstyles for blonde hair

Blonde hair is often fine - cut and styling must be right. Our hairstyle ideas for blonde hair, from trendy hairstyles to classics.

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Trend hairstyles: Longbob with side vertex

© Catwalk Pictures 2 of 172

Hairstyles for Fine Hair: Smooth Long Bob

© Imaxtree 3 of 172 © Catwalk Pictures 4 of 172 © Catwalk Pictures 5 of 172 © Catwalk Pictures 6 out of 172

Long hair with sombré

© Catwalk Pictures 7 out of 172

Blonde, long hair with center parting and waves

© Catwalk Pictures 8 out of 172

Long hair with steps and sombré

© Catwalk Pictures 9 out of 172

Hairstyle trend: Long hair with chubby hairstyle

© Catwalk Pictures 10 out of 172

Hairstyle trend: Duttfrisur with falling strands

© Catwalk Pictures 11 out of 172

Hairstyle trend: Casual bun with center parting

© Catwalk Pictures 12 out of 172

Hairstyle Trend: Curly, medium-length hair with a smooth pony

© Catwalk Pictures 13 out of 172

Hairstyle trend: mid-length hair with hair clips

© Catwalk Pictures 14 out of 172

Hairstyle trend: Medium long, curly hair with curly hair

© Catwalk Pictures 15 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Long, curly and blond hair with center parting

© Catwalk Pictures 16 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: medium-long hair with blond highlights

© Catwalk Pictures 17 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Longbob for fine hair

© Catwalk Pictures 18 out of 172

Hairstyle Trend: braided pigtails with side parting

© Catwalk Pictures 19 of 172

Hairstyle trend: braided ponytail for light hair

© Catwalk Pictures 20 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Bright, medium-length hair with center parting

© Catwalk Pictures 21 of 172

Trend hairstyles: Bright, medium-length hair with side vertex

© Catwalk Pictures 22 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Pixie cut with side vertex

© Catwalk Pictures 23 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Pixie cut for light hair

© Catwalk Pictures 24 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Long hair with dip-dye

© Catwalk Pictures 25 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Curly hair with center parting

© Catwalk Pictures 26 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Longbob with side vertex

© Catwalk Pictures 27 out of 172

Trendy hairstyles: Curly Bob with side vertex

© Catwalk Pictures 28 out of 172

Trend hairstyles: Bob with middle parting

© Catwalk Pictures 29 out of 172

Hairstyles for blonde hair: long and tiered

© Catwalk Pictures 30 out of 172

Hairstyles for blonde hair: Long Bob

© Catwalk Pictures 31 of 172

Hairstyles for blond hair: casual knot

© Catwalk Pictures 32 of 172

Hairstyles for blonde & thick hair: long and smooth

© Catwalk Pictures 33 of 172

Hairstyles for blond hair: blond with pony

© Catwalk Pictures 34 of 172

Hairstyles for blonde hair: Ombré look

© Catwalk Pictures 35 out of 172

Hairstyles for Blonde Hair: Grown Out Fringe? outgrown pony

© Catwalk Pictures 36 out of 172

Hairstyles for blond hair - cool wave with middle parting

© Catwalk Pictures 37 out of 172

hairstyle trends

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Short step cut with extreme side vertex

© Catwalk Pictures 52 out of 172

Glamourfrisuren: Classic light wave with side vertex

© Catwalk Pictures 53 of 172

Glamourfrisuren: Wild Löckchen

© Catwalk Pictures 54 out of 172

Glamourfrisuren: wet look with long hair

© Catwalk Pictures 55 of 172

Long Bob with a pony

© Catwalk Pictures 56 of 172

Half-length step bob with pony

© Catwalk Pictures 57 out of 172

Long hair with braids

© Catwalk Pictures 58 of 172

Bob hairstyle with bangs and curls

© Catwalk Pictures 59 of 172 © Catwalk Pictures 60 of 172 © Catwalk Pictures 61 of 172 © Catwalk Pictures 62 of 172 © Nivea 63 of 172 © Nivea 64 of 172 © Nivea 65 of 172 © REDKEN / P.A.M. 66 of 172 © Mod's Hair Paris 67 of 172 © Mod's Hair Paris 68 out of 172

Hairstyles with pony - we show you the most beautiful hairstyles

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Hairstyles with bangs

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Romantic girlish look at the prêt-à-porter show of Chanel.

© © Martin Veit 164 out of 172

Catwalk look: shortcut with a light water wave in the 20's look.

© © Martin Veit 165 out of 172

Current catwalk look: shortcut with longer, laterally styled pony.

© © Martin Veit 166 out of 172

New severity: The hair is styled from the forehead flat to the back of the head and pinned there.

© © Martin Veit 167 out of 172

Also the romance returns to the catwalks this spring. Here with center parting and a combination of smooth and wavy.

© © Martin Veit 168 out of 172

The hair blower wave with large curls and side vertex declared Gucci the trend this spring.

© © Beautypress 169 out of 172

Light blonde, slightly teased curly mane at the base Fifties-style à la Veronica Lake.

© © Martin Veit 170 out of 172

shoulder long bob with center parting in natural blonde tones.

© © Martin Veit 171 out of 172

Delicate and filigree: more up-to-date Catwalk look with middle parting and slight waves in the hair tips.

© © Martin Veit 172 of 172 © KMS California Look again Copper as hair color? Absolutely! She looks so smart Wow! These half-length hairstyles are really everyone! Goodbye Pixie, Undercut & Co.! You should definitely get to know these transitional hairstyles

When choosing a hairstyle: hair length and blond tone match

Hairdressers advise: The shorter the hair, the lighter you can dye. Shorthair hairstyles like a pixie cut in platinum blonde or a short bob in cool ash blonde always look modern. If you want to bleach gray hair, the best way to achieve a tint is to cover gray hair most reliably.But medium-length haircuts, long hairstyles and trendy hairstyles can wear blondes well.

Care for blondes - care tips from the professional

John Frieda is the founder of the eponymous hair care label. His clients include famous blondes like Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz or Sarah Jessica Parker. He reveals his best tips for blond hair:

What is the nuts and bolts of beautiful blonde hair? It needs to be cared for more carefully than other hair colors: use matched products, make a wash after each wash and comb your blond hair as carefully as possible with a high-quality brush.

What do blondes need to look out for? Shampoo and conditioner should be rinsed thoroughly to avoid matting on the hair. Also try to avoid chlorine and salt water or wear a waterproof latex swimming cap when swimming. Otherwise, it is easy to a green stitch in the hair. You can then get rid of it again by massaging aspirin dissolved in water into the hair.

And your personal tip? Let your tips cut every two to three weeks, but not more than 2 millimeters: After one year, the hair is twice as long, perfectly maintained and the hair color radiantly beautiful.

These stars love blonde hair

Of course, the looks of the stars also serve us as inspiration for hairstyles that match blonde hair. Above all, of course, super blonde Claudia Schiffer, who serves us with her long hair in Hellblond since the eighties as a cut template for the hairdresser. Center parting and sleek look or gentle waves? That is what Claudia decides at whim.

Sarah Jessica Parker is our favorite model for two-tone dyeing techniques, as are Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson and Heidi Klum. Goldblond specialists include Gwyneth Paltrow and Sienna Miller. How cool Bronde is prove Jessica Biel and Julia Roberts. A beautiful example of blonde short hairstyles, on the other hand, is Michelle Williams, who wears a blonde pixie.

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