• March 27, 2023

Bizarre Rewe recall: shopping basket should be "lethal"!

Customers are greatly facilitated shopping through a shopping basket. The food can be put in conveniently and carried to the cash register. But often customers are so excited that they take the basket home.

A Rewe store manager from the Upper Bavarian F├╝rstenfeldbruck annoys the tremendous, and so he launches a curious recall on Facebook:

Share your respect! Danger for the health !!!! Rewe Kersten starts the big shopping basket recall campaign with immediate effect. Due to a technical defect, the red Rewe shopping basket model is in danger of becoming deadly.

Customers should not use the baskets outside of their sales area. All unlawful owners should comply with his appeal before it becomes too "damage to health" come. Therefore, he emphasizes emphatically: "Bring the baskets, which are in your trunk or hallway, immediately into the shop!"

Funny action

Of course, there is no real danger. But the action shows how problematic the theft of baskets for the supermarket is. Swiss Post is now paying close attention to the Internet - and many people are showing understanding. In the end, Rewe is right when it says, "Just because there is no price, the baskets are not free. Theft is not worth it! "

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