Bill and Hillary Clinton: Secret Service discovers suspicious packages

Shocking moment for former US Presidents Barack Obama (57) and Bill Clinton (72) and his wife Hillary (70). Apparently, strangers had sent by mail explosives to their home addresses. According to the US news channel NBC News, the first suspicious package addressed to the Clintons was discovered in New York on Tuesday. Shortly thereafter, a second package was found in the US capital Washington, which was addressed to Obama.

FBI and Secret Service said in a joint statement that the suspicious packages were detected during a routine inspection. None of the packages have reached the addressees and they have never been in danger. The broadcasts would now be thoroughly investigated. The FBI office in New York tweeted that they were aware of the packages and that an investigation had begun. Since this is an ongoing investigation, they do not want to comment on the events further.

The New York Times, citing police sources, said the explosive devices were similar to those found on Monday at the home of billionaire and philanthropist George Soros, 88. A possible connection to it will be examined.

Hillary Clinton thanks Secret Service for intercepting suspicious package (July 2020).

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