Because of the crisis! Lilly Becker writes open love letter to her Boris

The last few months have been quite turbulent for Boris and Lilly Becker. Reports of the alleged bankruptcy of the ex-tennis professional and the resulting out of his marriage make almost every day the round. Maybe or because of that Lilly Becker has now published an open love letter on the occasion of her husband's 50th birthday in the magazine 'Bunte'.

"You have given me a life that probably all girls dream of", writes the native Dutchwoman? and counts on: "Emotional things like deep love and trust, but also material as luxurious travel in private jet, elegant designer fashion, noble cars, exclusive events and much more."
For all her love for luxury, her greatest gift is her son Amadeus.

And her song of praise goes even further: "You have read and understood my 'instructions for use.' Without you, I would not be the woman I am allowed to be today."

After all the negative headlines, Lilly Becker seems eager to publicly prove that Boris can count on her? and therefore do not be afraid to refer to the financial crisis in her love letter:

No matter how our current economic situation develops, and regardless of what's true and false in the newspaper, I want you to know that I'm proud to be Mrs. Becker and that I'm always behind you will.

Reducing Drama in Your Relationships - Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory Part 2 (March 2023).

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