Barbie without make-up

We have always guessed it - even Barbie does not get up in the morning in a good mood and looks stunning. No, without make-up, her eyes are a bit smaller and the smile less radiant. And that's okay, otherwise she would not need a mirror with make-up corner in her bathroom play set. This "What if?" Picture was created by the Mexican graphic designer Eddi Aguirre (more information on his website.) It is quite possible that he wanted to make a comment on the new "Mexican Barbie" that is currently in the US Market has come. Unlike other Barbies, which are supplied with accessories such as hairbrush, tennis racket or Ken, Mexico-Barbie has namely a passport. Critics see it as a nasty comment on the debate about illegally immigrant Mexicans. That it was actually the intention of the manufacturer Mattel to foment prejudice against Mexicans, seems rather unlikely. But one thing is certain: Mexico-Barbie will not have an unadorned photo in her passport either.

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