Barbara Schöneberger: She is not only the most beautiful talk presenter

Barbara Schöneberger (45) is an exception in German TV. In a survey by the polling institute "" on behalf of the magazine "Playboy", the entertainer has now been named the most beautiful talk presenter in the country. According to this, about one-fifth of women and men in the 45-year-olds see the most attractive woman out of a total of 16 interviewees. However, the survey also reveals that she has about as many admirers (20.8 percent) as there are viewers who call her the "most annoying moderator" (21.4 percent).

Behind Schöneberger, Ruth Hofmann (32, "double pass") came second with 18.6 percent in the poll. For the men, the Sport1 expert is the most attractive moderator (25.0 percent) overall. Behind her follow "Playboy" Katrin Bauerfeind (36) with 13.8 percent of the vote, Judith Rakers (43) with 10.4 percent and Ina Müller (53) with 8.2 percent. According to the survey, German men are the most likely to drink a beer with Müller (19.0 percent).

Markus Lanz (32.0 percent) was voted the most beautiful moderator, Michel Friedman (30.2 percent) was the "most annoying" talkie star, and Thomas Gottschalk (28.0 percent) was the most likable.

Conchita in der "NDR Talkshow" (July 2020).

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