Bacteria in poultry: how to protect yourself

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Every second supermarket chicken is burdened with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This has now a sample of the Federal Environmental and Nature Conservation (BUND) revealed. Already in November 2011, a study by the consumer ministry in North Rhine-Westphalia startled: After 96.4 percent of the chickens were treated with antibiotics - almost all.

The bacteria can cause infections in people with weakened immune systems. Since the germs found are resistant to antibiotics, so are insensitive, treatment with antibiotics does not help. According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, 15,000 people in Germany alone die each year from infections in which antibiotics no longer work. Healthy people can generally not harm the germs from the poultry.

How can I protect myself against sprawling antibiotic use and bacteria in poultry? The study of the North Rhine-Westphalian consumer ministry comes to the following conclusion: The smaller the fattening farm, the less drugs are usually used. When purchasing, therefore, pay attention to the following labels: "extensive farming", "free-range farming", "free-range farming", "free-range farming - unlimited run-off". Sabine Klein, nutritionist at the Consumer Council of North Rhine-Westphalia, also recommends organic meat, since significantly fewer antibiotics are used in organic farming.

Take part in the online campaign of the BUND!

Get involved in the sale of poultry from the animal welfare group (until January 21, 2012) at the big chain retailers. The mail is pre-written, it only takes a few minutes.

The BUND campaign for less antibiotics use and animal welfare

Know how to protect poultry from bacterial diseases (April 2021).

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