Baby number 2? Chrissy Teigen & John Legend become parents again

"Luna, what's in here?" Chrissy Teigen asks her little daughter, pointing to her stomach. "Infant!" the one-year-old answers excitedly.

Can one announce a pregnancy even sweeter? With a heart-warming Instagram video, singer John Legend's wife has now shared the good news with her fans and they're excited.

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it's john's!

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A little later, the first photo of her baby-ball followed on Snapchat. She wrote: "I am very glad that I do not have to hide this anymore!"

Even baby number two was conceived by an artificial insemination

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend always wanted a sibling for little Luna, although family planning was anything but easy for the couple.

Even before her first pregnancy, the 31-year-old has spoken openly about how difficult it is for her to get pregnant. She and her husband had 20 embryos frozen, of which only three remained after a genetic test. Two female and one male.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend get a boy

Fortunately, after a failed fertilization with the first female embryo, the second attempt was successful, and nine months later, dough and legend were allowed to greet their daughter Luna in the world. Now a boy is on the way and the little family is finally complete.

When offspring number two is born, the expectant two-mom has not yet revealed. We congratulate you!

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