Baby and Puppy: Sooo tired and much nicer!

We know it's a sleepy Monday, so let's make you .... even sleepier. This responsible little boy is the baby boy's ...

Posted by on Monday, April 6, 2015

Few things can be combated as badly as fatigue. Some days she just has us under control. Whether human or animal, young or old does not matter. Few creatures look as cute as puppy and baby pretend to be sleepy.

The human sleepyhead sets a good example and sinks into blissful sleep. The puppy first bravely fights against his heavy eyes. In the end, however, he must leave sleep to victory in this duel.

Snuggled up to his human friend, he makes himself comfortable. He just seems to wait for the camera to turn her eyes away from him. Totally unobserved is the journey into the dream land finally nothing in the way.

Since you would like to lay down immediately!

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