Autumn 2018: Tips and tricks for an autumn full of self-love

It is the little pleasures that make life worth living. Daily habits and rituals can promote good health and wellbeing. Especially now, when the days are slowly but surely getting shorter again and the autumn keeps coming, it is the little things that make you feel better, which can make you feel better. Here are the best self-care routines for a relaxed fall.

Get up relaxed in the morning

How the day starts is usually crucial for the rest of the journey. Those who get up in the morning and have enough time for themselves and their routines are more focused and more at home. It therefore always helps to put the alarm clock at least two hours before you have to leave the house. Then there is enough time to take a nice shower after getting up, have breakfast and get ready. And maybe even a little yoga sequence fits into the morning routine.

Conduct a Gratitude Journal

We should remind ourselves more often how well we are doing. Pretty helpful is a so-called Gratitude Journal. Just get a nice notebook and then make a note of at least three things every night that you were grateful for during the day. That may have been the delicious cappuccino in the morning, but also the nice colleague, with whom one understands each other very well.

Integrate autumn walks into everyday life

Exercise is good: Instead of indulging in the autumn blues and crawling under the covers, you should take a short but quick walk regularly. Going to work by bike also ensures movement. Who has a dog, of course, is best off, because the little four-legged friends, it probably does not matter if you want to go with him or not - he must at least once a day at the door.

Reward yourself

Those who reward themselves create incentives to do things that may be less beautiful or less fun. Anyone who hates cleaning, for example, can always reward themselves with a short break in the sauna. And you connect the unpopular house cleaning with something positive. This also works with ironing, tax return and much more ...

Meditate regularly

More and more people are swearing by the calming and amazing effects of meditation. It does not even take much prior knowledge: it's enough to take five minutes each day at the beginning, and just to catch your breath and let the thoughts pass by.


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