At the "Women's March" women from all over the world protest against Trump

What is it? Women? S March on Washington ??

On January 21, 2017, one day after the inauguration of Donald Trump, hundreds of thousands of women will be sent to Washington, D.C. marching - at? Women? s March on Washington.? "On the first day we want to send an intrepid message to the new administration and to the world that women's rights are human rights." Tamika Mallory, one of the main organizers of the demo: "We will not be silent and will not allow that anyone taking back the laws we fought for?

Julianne Moore and Bianca Jagger are also in attendance

Nearly 200,000 people have already pledged via Facebook, over 250,000 are "interested". So it could be the biggest demo on the occasion of the inauguration of a US president. More than 1000 buses have been chartered to bring the participants to the capital. Even stars like Julianne Moore, Amy Schumer and Bianca Jagger have announced to be there.

A granny from Hawaii got the stone rolling

The retired lawyer and grandmother Teresa Shook had never actually seen herself as a feminist or activist. But when it became clear that not Hillary Clinton, but Donald Trump decides the presidential election in his favor, the Hawaiian wondered: What if masses of women march to Washington for Trump's inauguration? For their quickly set up Facebook event, 10,000 people had already registered on the first morning. Meanwhile, all sorts of left-wing organizations have joined in against discrimination against minorities.

"We do not rest until we have equal participation"

The demo is not explicitly directed against Trump, whose sexist and misogynistic attitude appalled many women. The main idea is that people from all over the world celebrate democracy, diversity and equality. The Facebook page states: "We can not rest until women have equal participation and equal rights at all levels of society. We work peacefully, and it is clear to us that without justice and equality there can be no real peace for all.?

Where else is being demonstrated?

Around the globe are "sister marches"? organized - in the UK, France, Sweden, Japan, Israel and many other countries. All cities and information at

Women's March: Massive Protests Across U.S., World (July 2020).

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