At her 1st solo date! Meghan Markle is responsible for a WORLDWIDE scandal

* Irony on *

Oha, but Meghan has pretty much put in the nettles. At her first solo date in London, the Duchess has committed pretty much every faux pas that can only be committed as a Royal? and at the same time also provided for a WORLDWIDE scandal. OMG!

Before, however, come to the blunder at the exhibition opening, which is said to have "shocked" the British, according to tabloid press deeply, we start with the minor offense of 37-year-olds.

THIS dress will not work, Meghan! This leg slit ...

There's the outfit of the former Hollywood star again. When does Meghan finally learn that transparent sleeves and meter-high leg slits are a no-go for the members of the British royal family? Viiiiel too sexy - pzezeze! Imagine someone with no blue blood in their veins could have glanced at the Royal's bare thigh. The Scone would have stuck in the throat.

© Mark Cuthbert / Getty Images

... and then without pantyhose ...

And there we have the next rebellious Ausraster of the American. Once again, Meghan has entered the palace walls without skin-colored tights. That too is forbidden. I do not know why, but that's the way it is. And if the mother-in-law alias the Queen, sometime 70 years ago, issued such an unspoken, internal law, is that obligatory? also for former acting stars in 2018.

... and I do not want to start with the color! (Of course I want to)

The fact that Meghan covered her bare stilts with a black dress more or less (I remind you of the very long slot) does not make the incident any better. Why? Well, because the royal gentlemen are only allowed to wear black at funerals. Not even the argument goes that Meghan in her jet-black, 13,000-euro dream creation from the haute couture house Givenchy just looked stunning. (Former Hollywood star just!)

Phew, you notice, the appearance of the new Duchess was pretty tough Tobacco. And we have not even talked about the scandal of all the scandals, the new Muddi of the royal faux pas, the scandal that crowns all the hitherto existing handles in the toilet!

Meghan makes for the worst faux pas ever!

© Max Mumby / Getty Images

You wonder now, what could have happened EVEN worse? Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, wife of Prince Harry and role model for millions of women worldwide (YET!) Has closed her car door herself! STOP. THE. PRESS !!!

Buckingham Palace has already hung all flags at half mast after this incident and issued a minute's silence for the entire kingdom. The Queen was given an extra ration of valerian, and Prince Philip had to be cared for, after shaking his hand with too much gusto in the mouth.

In the history of the British monarchy? Anyway, countless Royal experts are sure - no Duchess has ever been seen closing her own car door. Why not? Well, because there are staff for it! As simple as that! Incidentally, this also applies to the wearing of umbrellas (In your face, Kate! At that time, the wife of Prince William regretted this faux pas bitterly.)

Of course, there are also occasional Rand groups that celebrate the Duchess for her "down-to-earth" and "approachable" behavior. Some even go so far as to claim that the Queen appreciates Meghan and sees her as a real gain for the British monarchy. Pff, whoever believes it, will be happy.

* Irony off *

Meghan's New Life: The Real Princess Diaries (ABC) (August 2020).