"At age 13 I had my first depression"

Q: Why are your songs all so sad?

Sarah: I'm just so sad. Music is my valve. Other people go to the therapist, I process my sadness in the music. Sometimes I'm super happy - but I do not need any relief from that. I'll probably never make happy music.

Why are you so sad?

I have my reasons. I was already born with a penchant for the dramatic. I had my first depression at 13. That's okay. I feel okay. Even if I could: I would not change. I like myself the way I am.

Have you never bothered with you?

Oh but! When I was in puberty, O.C. California totally hip? with Mischa Barton and all those other super-beautiful people. Since it has fucked me totally that I do not look. I thought something was wrong with me because I have a normal body.

Have you ever been shamed for your character?

No, not that I got it. Rather, I was once called a hooker, or my body is otherwise somehow commented on with a sexual reference.

Do you think women have a harder time in your industry?

I think so. As a guy, all you have to do is put on a cool T-shirt, and everything's okay. As a woman everything has to be right: your outfit has to match your music, you have to be uncomplicated and funny and smile. People want women to be comfortable and shallow. Men may be much more controversial.

Would you sometimes prefer a man?

If I go home alone at night, I'd rather be a man. It's annoying to be scared. But actually I just do not want to be afraid anymore, because basically I like to be a woman. I paint myself ENJOY and put on a smart dress. I'm sorry for the men that they do not know that.

I Am Depressed But My Parents Don't Believe Me (October 2020).

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