Asked: What can the new hormone spiral Kyleena?

Bayer already offers a wide range of contraceptives? Now the offer is extended by another hormonal spiral. According to Jenapharm, Kyleena will be introduced in May 2017 in Germany as an alternative to the hormonal spirals Jaydess and Mirena. The protection of the new hormone-reduced spiral should last up to five years. But how does it work? We have with Dr. med. med. Christian Albring, president of the professional association of gynecologists e.V., asked. Kyleena promises five years of contraceptive protection: how safe is contraception with the hormonal spiral really?

Dr. Christian Albring: Contraception with the hormone or copper spiral is the most reliable of all contraceptive methods, even under everyday conditions. The hormone spiral Kyleena, which contains the same active ingredient as Mirena and Jaydess, is one of these very safe spirals, over the entire five-year period of Mirena and Kyleena and three years of Jaydess.

How is Kyleena different from her predecessors?

The Kyleena contains slightly less active ingredient (levonorgestrel = LNG) than the Mirena and also releases slightly less active ingredient into the uterus, namely 0.017 mg per day at four weeks and less than 0.008 mg per day at one year, with the majority of the active ingredient in the uterus remains (for comparison: the amount of LNG in a normal pill is 0.04 to 0.125 mg per day). Both spirals contain more active ingredient than the smaller Jaydess. Over the years, less and less active ingredient is delivered, so that the woman with the Jaydess after three years no longer has protection against contraception, with the Mirena and the Kyleena only after five years.

The new hormone spiral also contains a tiny silver ring, which does not come into contact with the uterus, but is covered with tissue-friendly plastic. It should make it easier to check the correct seat of the spiral in the ultrasound.

What side effects can the spiral have on the body?

Desirably, the menstrual bleeding usually weaker or at some point completely out, but this has no effect on the later fertility. More common side effects include headache, depressive moods, abdominal pain, ovarian cysts and acne.

For whom is this contraceptive suitable?

The Kyleena is about the size of the Mirena and is therefore preferred in women who have already had a child. The Jaydess is smaller and can also be used in women who have not yet born. The hormonal spirals burden the body with very little hormones. Therefore, they are well-suited for women who are at risk of thrombosis or for women who have responded to normal pills with typical side effects and also for women who do not want to think about taking pills daily. Women also like to use a hormonal spiral to minimize very heavy menstrual bleeding.

Can women become pregnant directly after taking out the spiral?

Yes, that is possible. In general, the uterine lining becomes fertile again at the latest in the second cycle after the spiral. Some women feel that it takes longer. This may be related to the fact that they have become older and perhaps heavier - both reduce their fertility - that they have suffered from illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or that they have always been unnoticed about fertility restrictions that have nothing to do with the spiral. It is estimated that up to two percent of all couples with children desire one year and longer to get pregnant.

How is Kyleena used and how expensive is that?

Kyleena is used just like other spirals. Therefore, the cost of insertion is identical. What is the cost of the spiral itself is beyond our knowledge.

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