Animal selfies: Look who's snapping

Actually, it was only a matter of time: After selfies - so shot by themselves images - in all sorts of variants, the social networks have rolled over, people even photograph their butt themselves ("Belfie) or their beautifully arranged shelves (" Shelfie ") In some cases, it only looks as if the four-legged friends are pressing the trigger, but in some cases they are really doing this. "For cats, an app was even developed specifically:" Cat Snaps "has a dot on it the screen and thus the fur ball to encourage selfie, but what is still missing? A name for the animal self portraits, how about Pettie (a mixture of the English word "pet" and Selfie) or Flauschie? Funny to look at are the pictures in any case.

I did not finish my Caturday pics on Sat so here's a little Monday nt cat selfie run! ??

? iamalive41 (@ iamalive41) May 20, 2014

Snap enviable dog selfies. Every time. (March 2023).

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