Anger due to lean model

Lean Model with Thigh Gap

Do you already know the famous Thigh Gap? The new alleged ideal of beauty describes a well-visible gap between the thighs, which should be as clear as possible even with closed legs. A dubious trend, which last year plagued the lingerie label "Victoria's Secret" with its campaign The Perfect Body.

Now it has caught "Urban Outfitters". In the online shop, the US clothing chain advertises a panty with an obviously underweight lean model and has been criticized by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ASA - a British organization that sees itself as the controlling body of the advertising industry - urged Urban Outfitters to remove the photo immediately from the online store because it was "irresponsible and dangerous" and downplayed anorexia. Urban Outfitters denies the allegations. The model has a waist circumference of almost 60 centimeters and thus "ordinary" model dimensions. In addition, it is naturally very thin.

Nevertheless, the company seems to have exchanged the photo meanwhile. The current picture (see above) still shows the same model, but now from a slightly different perspective than the original photo. However, the fact that the waves are smoothed out is doubtful.

Lock and Lean's "Angry Cone" Pattern 2016 (December 2020).

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