"Angels' Share - A Sip for the Angels" - a high on the Highlands

Will the whiskey save Robbie (Paul Brannigan)?

No job, no money, no perspective - the petty-robin Robbie (Paul Brannigan) is more of a bad fit. He really only wants to take care of his girlfriend and the baby. Only when his social worker Harry (John Henshaw) introduces him to the secrets of whiskey drinking, Robbie sees a chance for a better future, because in the most remote corners of Scotland, waiting for a treasure to be lifted from him: the world's most expensive whiskey, and Robbie is determined to secure his Angels' Share. Together with three buddies, he starts a bizarre, Scotch-capped mission to liquid gold ... British director Ken Loach shows that alcohol can also save lives in this award-winning comedy full of humor and warmth - a bittersweet high on the Highlands.

The trailer for the movie

Angel Guidance: Archangel Metatron Heal Your Energy (May 2021).

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