Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange: They start with a shared apartment in the future

That was fast. The "bachelor" pair Andrej Mangold (32) and Jennifer Lange (25) is not yet half a year together, so it dares already the next step. The two put their budgets together. The 25-year-old Zumba coach leaves her hometown of Bremen and moves to her Rosenkavalier in Bonn.

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That a long-distance relationship for the lovers does not come into question in the long run, turned out in early March. In "Guten Morgen Deutschland", the "bachelor" and former professional basketball player said that their feelings were real and that both would share the attitude, "completely or not at all".

Andrej & Jennifer get together

Although Lange goes away "with a crying eye from Bremen," as she told the "Bild" newspaper, she seems to make it quite comfortable in her new home Bonn. Both in her and in the Instagram story of Mangold appear again and again images that show the two build furniture. Her apparently latest achievements: a white sideboard and a brightly lit, white dressing table.

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