Ambiguous children's names that could be embarrassing

If you call your child by name and not only the offspring turns around, but also an adult with a crimson head, then this may be due to the supposed ambiguity. Given names that sound super sweet in our country can go under the belt elsewhere.

Here's a list of clues as to what Mama should rather say quietly where:

Amelie means the absence of limbs among medical professionals.

Bent is not only the beautiful short form of Benedict, it means homosexual on the British island. A "Hello, I am Bent" should therefore be considered.

Pippa has a pretty nasty meaning in Italy and Sweden: in Italy it can be associated with masturbation, in Sweden it is an expression of sex.

Siri means in Georgia colloquially penis. In Japan, it sounds like the word for rump.

Bill can be confused with the word "bil" in the Netherlands. And that also means buttocks.

Kiki means in the Philippines vagina and crisis in Japan.

Fanny is a dirty word in the UK for the female genitals.

Lisa sounds similar to the Greek word for scabies.

Lort is an East Frisian name, which unfortunately means in Denmark "Sch ....".

Peter would be understood in France as Pupsen.

Tjorven Sounds great, but unfortunately also means thick sausages.

The English name death is too similar to the German word "death". Prefer to take a toddd!

mark is Norwegian for worm.

cathedral is Dutch for stupid.

Mona is not only the Spanish term for a female monkey, in some Italian dialects this is a dirty word for female genitalia and means "stupid".

Khara is Arabic for "Sch ...."

Nick reminds in France of a colloquial formulation on the subject of "having sex".

If you want to be on the safe side, you can simply call your child a nickname on holiday. If that does not have a meaning there too!

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