Aleppo is a place where children have stopped crying?

We see what war really means

As we make our final Christmas preparations and mourn the dead of Berlin, we get a shocking video from Aleppo. It vividly shows us the horror that people in the Syrian city have to endure. And the suffering of the children.

The Channel 4 News reporter Matt Frei filmed his post in Aleppos's last hospital, witnessing the terrible circumstances on the ground. The pictures are hard to bear - but they give us an idea of ​​what war really means. And why everything must be done to prevent or at least end it.

The people in the hospital were bombed out

Again and again, the little bleeding, dusty girl Ayah is seen, which seems emotional and petrified. The situation is different with the adult woman Um Fatima, who is crying through the hospital crying after the bombardment of her home. She was surprised in her sleep by the attack, he took all her children. Even the neighbor boy Mahmoud, a teenager, is sobbing uncontrollably as he comes to the hospital with his dead brother in his arms. Little Ishmael Mohammed was only allowed to live one month.

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But like the frozen girl, who appears again and again in the post, even the two little siblings who search for their mother in the hospital are silent. They had to leave their father behind in the rubble of their home. Whether they are orphans, they do not know yet. "Aleppo is a place where children have stopped crying," commented Matt Frei on the scale of distress and despair.

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"Aleppo is a place where the children have stopped crying." Syria (March 2023).

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