After recall action: Another child killed by IKEA dresser

An IKEA dresser has killed another child in the USA. As it now became known, the little Jozef Dudek died after a "Malm" furniture fell on him? his parents knew nothing about the danger.

He took a nap? then the dresser fell on Jozef

The two-year-old from California is thus the eighth known fatality, which was slain by a piece of furniture of the Malm series. In 2016 IKEA had the commodes concerned? a total of 29 million pieces? recalled. But the parents of Jozef had not noticed, as the lawyer told the family.

According to a report by the Philly Inquirer, the parents had laid the two year old for a nap in May. When the adults were not in the room, does the Malm chest of drawers have to be tilted on Jozef? The father found his son lifeless, buried under the furniture. Whether the boy had tried to climb the dresser is not known.

Lawyer: "Death was absolutely avoidable"

The parents of little Jozef have now joined a class action lawsuit against the Swedish furniture giant. The charge: The recall was not effective enough. "Jozef's death was absolutely avoidable," the Inquirer quoted the family's lawyer.

According to the report, IKEA knew of the incident that a commission of inquiry was involved. The Swedish furniture store recommends fixing certain pieces of furniture on the wall. Otherwise, can the three-drawer Malm dressers tilt? for example, when little children try to pull themselves up on it. However, many parents do not follow this mounting instruction.

2-year-old Jozef Dudek pictures, killed when a three-drawer Malm dresser fell //

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In December, IKEA announced that it would pay affected parents compensation totaling US $ 50 million. How many of the affected dressers were actually returned is unclear.

Ikea recalls millions of products after six children killed (July 2020).

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