After huge trouble with the echo: Helene finally takes a stand

Helene Fischer (33, "play of colors") usually does not comment on current political or social issues, but the Schlager-Queen did not cope with this topic either: in a long Facebook statement, she commented on the events around the echo and thus to Kollegah (33) and Farid Bang (31). She found it "inappropriate and shameful" to see them both on stage at the awards ceremony. They offered their pompous, anti-Semitic, homophobic and feminine texts a podium.

"Whether Violence, Hatred, and Anger Must Give Such a Great Presence"

"To win the echo is perhaps one thing, the two also occur there and to have their show done, I found personally oppressive," wrote Fischer. It was a pity that this provocation would cause so much promotion. She sincerely hopes that those responsible will rethink the implementation of the echo that they have clearly crossed an ethical border. One should have thought beforehand "if violence, hatred and anger must be given such a large presence on television".

Fischer also addressed her words to the fans of Kollegah and Farid Bang: "To all the followers of this music, as esoteric as it may sound, I would like to send light and love." Normally, she would avoid making statements on subjects other than her music, but that would just keep her busy. "Since I am well aware of my responsibility as an artist and perhaps as a role model for younger generations, I now address you directly," Fischer also wrote.

Dear Ones, I would like to address you today with this post and for the first time use the social media ...

Posted by Helene Fischer on Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Boarding of Flight 314 - SNL (March 2023).

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