Advent calendar in boxes: so beautiful white!

"Black and white and Christmas - that did not suit me as much as Til Schweiger and the crime scene, but this year I really want the black and white Christmas decoration, and Til as commissary, we'll see.

My first Christmas decoration part will be this advent calendar of take-away boxes. This year my husband and I will share the filling. In the first year of the relationship, of course, every 24 packs had it all, but as it happens, when you're in relationships for a long time - you're getting more and more honest. And at some point we could confess: If everyone gets only 12 presents, that does not endanger our marriage. Rather the opposite.

This advent calendar is covered with the embossed labels of my beloved dymo machine. That my husband does not wear a label on his forehead is a miracle. I'm currently outfitting everything: the captions in our wedding album are made, table cards for guests, the storage jars - nothing is certain, but everything looks great. "

You need this for the advent calendar in boxes:

- 24 take-away boxes (for example via

- 1 Dymo embossing machine (my name is "Junior", costs 8.90 euros via

- black and white band (e.g., via

- Stars to cut, which we have prepared as download

- Tesafilm or double-sided adhesive tape for attaching and sticking together the stars

The instructions for the advent calendar in boxes:

- Emboss the numbers one to twenty-four with the Dymo machine and glue them to the front of the take-away boxes. It looks especially nice if you stick the label always on different places on the front, so that the stars can also be attached varied.

- Speaking of stars: we have prepared this as a download. Just download, print, cut out and use either printed on one side or print out two of the same and stick together, so that the front and back is decorated with stars.

- Knot differently long ribbons to the take-away boxes, sticking the stars to the ribbons and boxes? Number and size according to taste.

- The boxes with the ribbons can be wonderfully hung on a branch or under a shelf. Or you can put the tapes away and line up the boxes on a cabinet or stack them. Discover the possibilities! Have fun!

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i spent 300$ in food ADVENT CALENDARS i'm sorry (August 2020).

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