Acne, so what! This anti-Photoshop action is currently viral

Instagram is still the platform that stands for perfect, beautiful photos. If you scroll through the profiles of well-known bloggers and stars, you rarely see unremarked and really "real" pictures. And that, even though a few months ago, hashtags like #ForMoreRealityAufInstagram or #embraceyourself have been the catalyst for a countermovement.

Nevertheless, image editing programs continue to dominate social channels and the media. Especially when it comes to creating a smoother skin or less cheating a few dents on the thighs.

This annoyed the American photographer and artist Peter DeVito, so he posted a photo that is now viral on Instagram:

A post shared by PJ DeVito (@peterdevito) on Oct 15, 2017 at 10:05 PDT

"I'm fed up with Photoshop"

The photo shows a young man with acne pustules, on which stick small letters stickers. The message is clear: "I'm so fucking sick and tired of the photoshop" (in German: "I have something of the nose of Photoshop"). Although DeVito uploaded the photo three months ago, it's only getting media attention.

Cara Delevigne also reposted the photo

Suddenly bloggers and stars repost the photo and reinforce the artist's action. Best-known celebrity including: actress and model Cara Delevingne. She uploaded the photo recently and commented, "It's wrong, but if I took such a picture of myself, I would never have posted it, thanks to all the women who are so brave."

And this comment of the 25-year-olds puts it in a nutshell: many admire those who photographed without filters and blur with their supposed flaws, but are even unsure.

Maybe artist Peter DeVito can take this action in a new direction. It would be desirable!

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