A fresh start for Julia Karnick

Julia Karnick took many years in her column, the everyday under the microscope. Her most humorous texts have also appeared as ChroniquesDuVasteMonde book in Diana-Verlag.

Earlier, before leaving home, I had to hand over a bunch of flowers and a thank you note and cry a bit. I had to say goodbye to Olga, who cleaned for years - today for the last time. Olga has quit. "I'm sorry, you're such a nice family, I've always been very, very happy with you, but now I do not want to clean anymore." Olga has been trained as a masseuse: "Do not be angry, please." Why should I be angry? I was desperate. I drove into the office, I said: "Something terrible has happened, I do not know how to continue." - "Your husband left you," said a colleague. "Worse," I said, "my cleaning lady wants to split up." - "Oh shit," said the colleague, "good cleaning women are even rarer than good men."

I'll have to cry a bit this afternoon as well. I have to say goodbye with my daughter to the teachers, in whose class she went for three years. For three years my daughter went to school merrily every morning - they are really good teachers, and she has to say goodbye to them. She has written a touching farewell letter. My daughter has said: "I do not want to be in the seventh, everything should always stay as it is!" - "I can understand you", I said, "on the other hand: on the other hand: Imagine that you are in sixth grade for the sixth time at the age of 16. You are also stupid, are not you happy about the nice time you had together, but be happy Look forward to the future: No matter what she brings, there will be great things! "

Even as I write this column, I almost cry a bit, because it's a farewell column. I did it like Olga and quit as well. I've been writing columns for almost eight years, I loved that, you're such nice readers, but now I do not want anymore. If you write about yourself every two weeks, it means that you have to constantly graze everyday life for entertaining scenes and your interior for original thoughts: I want to be boring again without a guilty conscience. Some will think, "At last, the old man is going to put me down forever!" Some will be full of regret, few perhaps desperate: "A good columnist is even harder to find than a good cleaning lady!" First, no one is irreplaceable. Our new name is Patrycja, she is 24 and from Poland, I like that she is so young and happy. Second, a good cleaner is worth more than a good columnist. Third, if you become my Facebook friend, I am very happy and will let you know immediately if I'm bored enough and have new ideas. Fourth, look forward to ChroniquesDuVasteMonde. Because no matter what she brings, there will be great things.

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A FRESH START! (July 2020).

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