9 reasons why mothers are late

1. The children have to wear clothes.

Yes and ?, you may ask yourself now - but then you certainly have no children. Everyone else knows that there is no harder patience than putting on a child. Wait, that's not true: it's even harder to wait for a child to dress itself. For every sock it can take 10 minutes. And the discussion about the right sock color is added.

2. As soon as you are out of the house, someone has to go to the bathroom.

And with a bit of bad luck, it's already too late, so you also have to change clothes (see above).

3. "Not now, Mom, I need to paint a camel urgently!"

Camel, originated at 7:45 in the morning.

Children have different priorities than we do. Arguments like "Mom is late for work" just do not drag on as long as the camel has no eyelashes.

4. The keychain has been cooked to a stew with beads, lego and marbles.

Delicious! Unfortunately, the mother did not tell anyone, so she had to run for 20 minutes with increasing panic through the untidy apartment.

5. If you have a baby, you have to carry half a drugstore.

Wet wipes, diapers, baby cream, sunscreen, burp cloths, vials ... All this wants to be stuffed in too small pockets - with one hand. The baby is sitting on the right arm.

6. Mom notices in the car that she only made up one eye.

How could that happen? We tap: a) fatigue b) breastfeeding c) the constant fire of "Mom, where is ...?" - questions while trying to get ready, d) all together.

7. The child wants to go by scooter.

A "no" on the grounds that it takes too long can not dissuade it. There follows a minute-long discussion until the mother gives in, so as not to lose any more time.

8. The child notices halfway that it does not feel like riding scooters.

The mother tries with angelic tongues, the child to move on, which leads to the fact that it sits defiantly on the floor. In the end, the mother carries the child and scooter on her arm and arrives at the destination not only too late but also sweat-drenched.

9. The mother just can not rush anymore.

Then the child is just looking for five more minutes the Triceratops, which it wants to take, or even painted the camel a pretty hairstyle. Sometimes lateness is the best strategy for everyone - and Mama can still blow her eyelashes.

Ask Steve: It's Too Late! (March 2023).

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